Roy Fairchild Art
The influence of women in his life and art is a hallmark of his work. Fairchild devoted much time to printmaking, a complicated and protracted process. During printing, which may involve the application of 40 or 50 screens and layer upon layer built, the image begins to emerge, color by color, first the background base colors and washes, and finally the stronger decorative surface details. At all stages the artist is free to rework the screen, change each color, until he has a single perfect print. The process is then repeated until the limited edition is complete. The screens are then destroyed. Roy Fairchild - Woodard was born in 1953 in Surrey, England. He lives and works most of the year in his country home.
Cradle Song  $3700
Roy Fairchild
Limited Edition 213/465
55" X 42" Serigraph

Cradle Song, subset 1
Cradle Song, subset 2
Reposant II  $4000
Roy Fairchild, 1995
Limited Edition 72/385
30" X 23"

Artist's Model  $2700
Roy Fairchild, 1994
Limited Edition 172/385 (sold out edition)
30" x 23" Aquatint

Murano Memories II
Roy Fairchild, 1995
Embellished Serigraph on Canvas 56/85
30" X 21.5"
(photo from limited edition series)

La Colombe  $2100
Roy Fairchild, 1996
Limited Edition 186/385 (sold out edition)
28" x 22" Aquatint

Sitting Nude  $3500
Roy Fairchild, 1993
Limited Edition 283/350 (sold out edition)
30" x 23"  Aquatint

River Kaster

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Fairchild Art For Sale

(from my private collection)

There is a sensuousness about the work of Fairchild that evokes a feeling of timelessness and tranquillity. Every available surface is filled with color and pattern - they are as colorful as Persian Illuminations, always brilliant, never harsh. Fairchild's' aim is to draw with Japanese freedom, to produce images that are shrouded in duplicity and mystery. Fairchild was greatly influenced by artists such as Schiele and Klimt.

All art is professionally (museum standard) and beautifully framed.
(frames not shown)

All art is beautifully framed
This is the largest privately held collection of Fairchild art in the mid-west.
All of the art is in mint condition and the framing is exquisite. All prices include the frame  (will not separate). Pricing does not include shipping expenses.
With a short limited edition, the personalized embellishment by the artist is one of a kind. The hand embellished art is penultimate to the original painting. A work that has been personally hand-embellished by the original artist puts collectors one step closer to the original creation.
All art is float matted and beautifully framed (not shown)